Lucilles Raynor Massage Therapy practice's deep tissue massage and body work. Lucille has been massaging for many years as massage is a passion of hers. Lucille  has a Certificate of massage Diploma, and has a certificate in Healing massage,Lucille love's learning and experiencing massage on another level, Lucille has a very relaxing studio in the Far North of Paihia with beautiful views, Lucille is happy to be able to share her gift with people wanting to release stress and pain from their lives, Lucille's Therapy is a combination of massage body work Deep Tissue massage, Shiatsu, Chinese, Thai massage, Accupressure & Reflexology  Cupping & Chair Massage.

Why Raynor Massage Therapy?

Raynor Massage Therapy is a deep tissue massage designed to find and eliminate all tension from the body. The massage body work is designed to remove blockages in the flow of the body’s energy and muscles, leaving you balanced and tension-free. As a natural result of this, the muscles relax and the body readjusts to its natural posture.


Raynor Massage reduces stress and anxiety, and is effective for ongoing stress management.


For those who suffer from insomnia, Raynor Massage can help by removing the tension from muscles, allowing your mind to switch off, so you can get a good night's sleep.


If you suffer from tension headaches, painful and tight muscles, a sports injury or general muscular aches and pain, then Raynor Massage maybe the solution for you.Clothing, About


What is Therapeutic Massage?

Massage is a method of manipulating the soft tissues of the body to restore function, release tension, adjust posture, and re-establish body contours where this is desirable.


Therapeutic Massage helps you relax by releasing stress and tension in your body. Too much unresolved stress can cause constant muscular tension. On a physical level, tension and tightness reduce the flow of blood to the muscles and organs, and also restricts nerve & lymph supply. It can lead to symptomatic feelings of fatigue, heaviness, aches and pains, tightness of muscles, and stiffness. Muscular stress can increase the likelihood of strains and injuries, and also distorts the skeletal structure, which further compounds existing problems and creates new ones.


On a holistic level, tension creates a build up of toxins in the body, and reduces the subtle flow of Energy or Life Force (Prana or Chi). Chi is the life force in all of us. In Eastern understandings, it flows through the Meridian Systems of the body (those accessed in acupuncture). When Chi is blocked, the body’s system cannot work as it ought to. This leads to stress, anxiety, illness and disease. Eliminating the problem at its source - by releasing the blocked Chi and getting rid of stagnant, excess Chi – allows the body to restore itself to health and wholeness.


Your practitioner aids in this journey. You need to be an active participant in the process: you must learn to breathe deeply and calmly, and learn to allow the practitioner to work at depth to remove the problem at its source. 


In treating you, I will find, track, and clear the tension stored in your body.  Raynor Massage is a multi-step process, involving an analysis of your where your problems sit, and at what depth. This is where the cost of your full treatment will be discussed-- please read our What to Expect page before booking, as this is not your standard Swedish Massage.


This moves to an excavation stage, wherein your therapist will dig out the tension that has built up. This will work deeper than most sports massages (but only to a level you're comfortable with) to rejuvenate and restore your well-being and energy.


Once this is achieved, I'll suggest a maintenance level for the massage (often monthly) to allow you to maintain this state.


About My Massages

Upper Body Massage

Designed as an introductory massage, this particular massage is applied with Raynor Massage techniques, and focuses on the back, neck, head, arms and hands.

Head, Hands and Feet Massage

This massage is similar to an Upper Body Massage, but this massage is conducted over a shorter period of time. Using Raynor Massage techniques, this deeply relaxing massage will release tension in your hands, feet and head.

Benefits of Raynor Massage

Use Raynor Massage to:


  • Reduce Stress & Fatigue
  • Increase Oxygen supply and nutrition delivery to your cells
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Relieve Muscle Spasms, tension, headaches, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Enhance ability to think & concentrate
  • Ease sore muscles & joints
  • Releases tensions & stressors both physically & emotionally
All massages in my practice are unique. Whilst the scope is a full body massage, emphasis is placed on feet, hands, abdomen and head, in order to release tension. I also use muscle manipulation and deep breathing techniques to calm the mind, body, and spirit, and to promote emotional releases.