Cinnamon Spice Sugar Face & Body Scrub

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 For a fresh face cleanse with our Body Scrubs

Our product Smells Divine & is Natural moisturizer gentle on skin


This product is great I really love using it to help rid dead skin cells and let’s face it nobody likes having ingrown hairs, I use it on my legs and body and I love my skin having a healthy glow. This product is great if your planning a relaxing weekend away and just wanting chill and let your body have a little maintenance   while you unwind & relax from every day stresses and get your glow on.


 Leaves skin silky smooth


Great help sun damage, aging skin,


Gentle exfoliant works well to slough dead skin cells & reveal healthy glowing skin.


Great weapon against ingrown hairs


Discourages hairs and bumps


Prevents hairs from curling under the skin


Use regularly at least 1-2 times a week




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