Frankincense Balm 100ml

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Frankincense & Myrrh resins have been revered since ancient times as wonderful skin tonics. They are among some of the oldest aromatics known to man. Myrrh is excellent because it has incredible properties attributed to its bitterness – it is an effective purifier. Frankincense works well by invigorating & uplifting while being calming. These resins are two of Lucille's Raynor favourite ingredients because they are so useful & versatile.

Intensive Face Treatment: If you have very dry or mature skin this works brilliantly as an intensive treatment to rejuvenate & purify your skin, Marked, blemished skin, Arthritic pain & Muscle reliefFrankincense is said to improve circulation through deep breathing, which is reflecting in beautiful skin. So, soak up and let your skin enjoy the benefits of this amazing Balm .Frankincense is renowned for its calming qualities and is really useful when used in meditation

Lucilles Raynor Frankinscense Balm  is most effective if applied before a night’s sleep, giving the Balm plenty of time to penetrate the skin.

How to use: Apply a tiny amount to a clean fingertip and apply to the skin or effected areas as often as required.

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