Kumarahou Face & Body scrub.

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Kumarahou Face & Body scrub.

Beautiful minerals blended with Kumarahou & Kawakawa, Organic Coconut Sugar and antioxidant oils and essential oils. Benefits: removes impurities, promotes skin balance without dehydrating, shown to have antioxidant and anti ageing properties that reduces the process of aging. Rub on face and body.

Kumarahou infused oil is great as it nourishes by moisturising your skin and provides moisture to the surface layers of the skin, and helps create a barrier between your skin.This will help prevent dehydration and dryness, it also keeps your skin smooth and supple by maintaining hydration.
Lucilles Raynor skincare Kawakawa oils and Kumarahou contain essential ingredients that help lock moisture and provides the skin with much needed moisture to prevent dryness and dehydration and to maintain a smooth and supple skin, while providing nutrients to the skin while removing dead skin cells.

Apply morning and night after cleansing and toning.


You will definitely experience the effect.

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