Kumarahou Cream Exfoliation

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Kumarahou Cream

This cream is enriched with Vitamins C-A B complex

Natures best Native Natural Kumarahou Cream may help repair dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Kumarahou Cream is perfect for regular use on skin prone to
 Our Kawakawa is used traditional Māori Rongoā techniques, and blended with Natural Organic oils & Bees wax. Kawakawa is one of New Zealand’s Native plants which has one of the most amazing healing properties for sensitive, irritated  dry skin. It works by relieving the itch and creating a barrier on the skin, locking in moisture and helps actively repair damaged skin soothes rashes.

Caution: Please do a small test before using fully as product may contain allergens for certain individuals

For External Use Only

Avoid contact with Eyes

  Benefits of use may help


  • Reduce redness
  • Make face flawless
  • Acne
  • Help promote new skin cell growth.


Use:  daily on face before shower

Avoid contact with eyes

External only

Patch test before use.

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